Gees are excellent subset to draw when practicing the first use of pen and ink.

GEESE ARE EXCELLENT SUBJECTS to draw when practicing the first use of pen and ink. It happens that goose feathers also provide artists with the best type of quills. That said, there is no obligation to prepare a quill; steel nibs are fine.

Geese are nosy birds, so pick a spot where other people can keep them entertained. Study them before drawing. Watch their heavy feathered bodies flap, waddle, and belly flop off the waterside. Dip your pen in ink, touch the bottle’s rim to drain the excess, and boldly plunge into your drawing. Focus on the geese, not on your drawing.

Attempt with a loose hand to capture their posture and outline. Quick drawing trains you to see what is most important about a subject and to mark only its most essential expression. It teaches confidence and focus through intensive repetition. Illustrating this exercise on Oxford Port Meadow, I covered eleven sheets in sixty quick drawings—in less than an hour.

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Experiment, test your limits, and be brave. You cannot break the nib, and there is no “wrong.” If you don’t like a stroke, make another one. Cover your drawing book pages in speedy responses to the geese and try to capture each bird in as few lines as possible. Visit Here: wpswebnews

RAS WAS A GREAT CHARACTER, a do g who o was always s engaged in his and everyone else’s business. The only time he remained still was when he was sleeping, and even then he twitched and stretched in dreams. These drawings are not an analysis of his anatomy or breed but the expression of his satisfied comfort in a deep sleep after a night out on the town. Visit The Site: networldking52

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Sleeping animals present the artist with ideal opportunities to study their texture, form, and personality. For this class you will need one oblivious dog, your drawing book, a dip pen and ink of your choice (see pp.34-37), together with a glass of water for diluting tones on the nib

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