Factors to Watch out keenly When Buying water pumps in Kenya

Water pump is an essential device for daily operations in every household or institution in the process of securing a reliable water supply. Quality of the product and the pricing are the main considerations when acquiring a water pump. That forms the main focus in this article as illustrated below.

Title; Evaluating the price of water pump

Like the majority of products in the market, water pumps have different types of designs and models meant to satisfy varying tastes and preferences in the market structure. With this wide range of diversity, comes different prices. The following are some of the considerations for the pricing.

Type of fuel consumed

Like motor vehicle brands, water pumps have their engines designed to consume different types of fuel. It could be diesel, gasoline or recently invented electrical pump. Pumps require fuel to start and run the engine of the pump for the period it is on use.

Inlet and outlet flow dimensions

This is the main way to evaluate the performance of a pump. Discharge rate of a pump depends on the diameter of both the inlet and outlet openings. If an opening is tiny, it cannot pull sufficient water compared to large opening.Since water pumps consume a lot of energy it is appropriate to utilize it to the maximum.

Distribution agents

It is important to choose a distributor with a reputable background and performance in the field. There are different levels of distributors ranging from those who import directly and other retailers. Due to advantages that comes with importing directly, Davis and Shirtliff water pumps Kenya prices are considered the most affordable in the market.

Nature of the market

Prices of different products in the market fluctuate due to various factors. Economically, high demand will always correspond to inadequate supply. Moreover, there comes time when the supply of raw materials to the manufacturers becomes low due to scarcity. All the above mentioned factors will contribute to corresponding increase in price of water pumps.

 The head and suction lift

Head lift simply refers to the height of the pumping in respect to the discharge area while suction lift is applied when draining water from a source. This will enable you to estimate how powerful the equipment is and how far in terms of distance it can pump the water. Obviously, a more powerful pump will cost you more compared to one which is less powerful.

Type of pump and brand

Water pumps exist in varieties and exhibit differences in application depending on the preference of the user. They could be water boosting which enhance water pressure to desired levels. Another category is the submersible type. All these types are available with different brands at their preferred prices.

Quantity purchased

When purchase is made in bulk, the buyer of courseis entitled to enjoy economies of scale that comes with bulk purchase. Moreover, wholesale buyers find it cheaper compared to their retail counter parts.


To sum it up, the above mentioned factors are the key influencers when evaluating the price of a water pump. It is important therefore to make an informed decision with that rich knowledge.

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