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Expert Talk: How to Use Face Serum?

Of late, face serums are enjoying their fame. However, while some are keen on exploring new ranges, some are still new to this term. If you would like to know ‘how to use face serum,’ then this article will help you get some smart answers.

These skin care products have been making huge waves in the Indian consumer market over the past few years. Using them offers benefits like gentle treatment of facial blemishes, adequate nourishment, long-lasting protection from free radicals, and revitalization of skin cells. This article lists a wide range of serums, their benefits, and their correct usage. We would thus like to start by explaining ‘How to Use Face Serum.’ So, stay with us as we take you along!

How to use face serums?

Serums are concentrates of active ingredients. They have a thick consistency but are lightweight enough to get into your skin evenly. You can choose one as per the ingredients and your skin concerns.

They may be directly applied to clean skin. (You should first cleanse your skin with a gentle face wash). However, they should always be layered with a thick moisturizer to lock in the nourishment they give. If you go out in the sun too often, you should pair them with sunscreen with SPF 50 to see promising results.

Which brand should you opt for?

In this era where stress and pollution are a part of life, avoiding skin problems like fine lines, crow’s feet, and dark spots is not easy. It is thus important to choose a gentle skin care product that matches our expectations.

We picked Mamaearth. As Asia’s first brand to be awarded the MadeSafe certification, its products are made free from harmful chemicals and toxins. This makes its products safe to treat skin blemishes even for regular usage. Thus, if it comes to choosing the best serums, you can rely on the Mamaearth serum range.

You can choose your serum according to your skin concerns, and some popular choices may include the one containing Vitamin C, Retinol serum, Tea Tree oil, or Rosehip. Once you have learned how to use face serum, you can get better results.

Five best serums by Mamaearth

You can always choose the best-suited, effective, safe, and convenient skincare product for yourself. Here are some of the options you can avail of:

1. Vitamin C serum

Do you use vitamin C in your moisturizer, mask, or products? Mamaearth packs in the goodness of nature and vitamin C in a bottle to help you heal most of your skin-related concerns. This serum also includes the nourishment of Vitamin C, Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract, Squalane, and Turmeric.

While Squalane is a great detoxifier, vitamin C and Turmeric is the most effective way to bring back the radiance. Besides, Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract boosts the blood capillaries and soothes redness and irritation.

2. Skin Correct Serum with Niacinamide

Our skin attracts many problems with age, like early aging signs and stubborn pigmentation. Mamaearth offers other beneficial ingredients like Niacinamide, Ginger Extract, Zinc PCA, etc., in this serum to help you get rid of them. All you need to get started is to apply a few drops of this gentle serum on your cleansed skin for it to work.

3. Ubtan Face Serum

Are you on the lookout for a product that maximizes your natural glow? Mamaearth presents Ubtan Face Serum, putting an end to your skincare miseries. From reviving glow to reducing the signs of aging, this product is all you have been looking for. It holds the nutrition of Saffron, Turmeric, Niacinamide, and so on.

If you are one of those who always have the one question, and that is, ‘how to use serum,’ then here is an answer. You may add a few drops of this natural product to your skin and allow it to sink in. We recommend using it daily to reap maximum benefits.

4. Tea Tree Face Serum

Gift yourself an ingeniously formulated Tea Tree Face Serum by Mamaearth to regain your radiance and glow. Tea Tree Face Serum can help you get rid of acne, pimples, and dark spots. With the ingredients such as Salicylic acid, Licorice extract, and Tea Tree Oil, this product reduces inflammations and infections by eradicating acne-causing bacteria and driving out excess sebum from the skin cells.

5. Rosehip Face Serum

Shop for this amazing serum and nourish your skin cell in the best way possible. With this Rosehip Face Serum, you can have your natural glow back. It also blends the ingredients such as Rosehip, Castor Oil, Gotu Kola, etc. These ingredients moisturize the skin deeply and retain the skin’s firmness and suppleness.

6. Retinol Face Serum

Have you ever heard of Retinol? If not, now is the time to get familiar with the most celebrated ingredients of all time. Known and cherish for being the rescuer of wrinkles and aging pigmentation, Retinol Serum brilliantly counters the aging signs. If the question ‘How to Use Face Serum‘ bothers you, this product is especially for you. It comes with the goodness of Cotton Seed Oil, Bakuchi, Linseed Oil, Retinol, etc., all of which boosts collagen and give you a youthful texture.

7. Skin Plump Serum

Are you craving the ageless face canvas? Then, you should try Skin Plum Serum from Mamaearth. It contains nutrients like Rosehip Oil, Coconut Extract, Olive Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, etc. Thus, this formulation will effectively reverse the signs of aging that have been bothering you lately.

8. Vitamin E Essence Serum

Infusing the nourishment of Vitamin C, Gotu Kola Oil, Niacinamide, etc., this Vitamin E Essence Serum has everything in its kitty that a skin longs for. While Vitamin C fights sun damage, Niacinamide restores firmness and natural radiance, while Gotu Kola promotes collagen production to make your skin more elastic. So, you should add this product to your go-to list and give your skin the blessings of this great formulation.

Summing up

As you age, your skin starts showing the signs of aging and eventually your natural charm. Hence, you need products to help you retain your glow and eliminate the damages you develop over the years. Talking about anti-aging products, serums top the list, aren’t they? So now, as you know, how to use face serum, it is time to get yourself one!

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