Drawing Books and Papers

To BEGIN YOUR EXPLORATION of drawing, you nee d a drawing book. There are dozens to choose from. Gleaming store purchases vary greatly in format, binding, color, texture, thickness, quality, and cost. Homemade books can be assembled easily from found materials or selections of loose sheet papers, which are also sold in an enormous range. Art students often make use of printed books picked up from secondhand stores into which they draw, cut, and collage their ideas. It is also useful to own a portfolio.

A high-quality one will last a lifetime; cheap corrugated plastic ones fall apart in days. Alternatively, study the structure of a good portfolio and make your own. You simply need two strong boards hinged together well, ties on either side to keep your papers in place, and handles to lift the weight of your artworks. Drawing boards are invaluable.

They can be very expensive in art stores; it is better to have them made at a lumber yard or home improvement store. Calculate a range of useful dimensions and have several cut at once. Smooth plywood, thick enough not to flex, is perfect. Sand the edges to avoid splinters. If you intend to carry your boards for a distance, be sure they fit comfortably under your arm.

Posture and Grip

In this book we will look at parallels between drawing and music. There are also parallels to dance. You do not have to dance to draw, but you need to understand that the expression of a line or mark creates in the form and currents finished the bear, arm, and pointer to the fingertips.


If your body posture is well balanced and you can move freely, your drawing will reflect this. It will also reflect discomfort if you are in any way cramped. How you hold your drawing materials is also important. Examples are shown here, but it should not be forgotten that many people make remarkable and striking works drawing with their feet or holding their brush or pencil in their mouths.

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