Different cooking methods of seafood

Are you getting too tired of eating some cooked fish? Do you want to change the taste of salmon? Well, if you are the seafood lover then you can eat with different cooking methods. And no doubt that each cooking method gives it own taste.

Salmon can be cooked by different ways and the shops that supply salmon sale also have the cooking method explained so, that you can easily cook. If not then you must try other alternative ways for special taste of salmon. Each method is safe and used worldwide so, let’s discuss them below.

1) Slow roast

Slow roast is a method of cooking the meats and a seafood roasted I can’t tell how tasty could it be. The well marinated fish or crab slowly turning golden brown in the roasting oven then combo with your favorite drink with some sea view.  Oh I really myself want to enjoy such a moment with someone like me who is crazy for a roasted fish.

2) Oil poach

Lunches are better if they are cooked well. Yes seafood cooked in oil poaches for your lunch today and everyday who is going to say a no. The lavishing taste and the tenderness in the fish or crab after cooked with this method are just unimaginable. I have tired and to all of you if you have not tried yet you are missing it a big time. Just go and make yours now.

3) Steam

For the diet conscious freaks don’t worry. We have a solution for you too. Steamed sea food is better for your health it is known about they will be no carbohydrate they will be no oil and there will be no unhealthy Ingredient.

if you eat the food cooked in a steam because they will be no use of any massive amount of oil for the contents and nutrients will not going to burn under a high flame but some people like to eat them under cooked and some people like to eat well cook it’s all about your choice the both methods are so that you will go crazy but that peoples who really care about their diet steam is a option and in restaurant it is trendy to cook seafood in a steam.

4) Boil

The other method that is commonly used is the boiled one. It is a method opts by old age for their health. You can seasoned it with some oil and add some vegetables or you can use them is sandwich. It will be a light food for you to full your tummies.

5) Stove top sear

Oh yes searing a fish and then eating it. The most liked method by Chinese and US people the sizzling taste of a tuna fish or any seafood will never fade in your mouth.


These are some of the simple cooking methods that are majorly for salmon but you can choose the one that you like to prefer.

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