Compensation That You Can Get After a Truck Accident.

Truck accidents have been a piece of regular news nowadays. Out of 10 accident cases, at least three instances would involve trucks. Getting in a truck accident can be one of the most devastating things that can ever occur to you. The physical and emotional loss you incur has no price associated with it. 

Although this does not mean that you are not meant to get compensation for your damage, in truck accidents, if the crash has occurred due to the negligence of a truck driver, you are entitled to get compensation based upon your damages. Your Sherman Oaks truck accident lawyers can explain the insurance clause and the supporting policies to claim your compensation.

Various types of compensation you get in a truck accident.

Compensation cases are well-known for getting rejected or either getting partially passed. The type of compensation you get highly depends on the critics of the damage. These damages are divided into three distinct classes, namely:

  1. Economic damage: As the name explains itself, Economic damages include financial losses that you incur due to the accident. These may consist of your expenses like medical and hospital bills, vehicle damage bills, unexpected damages, etc. If you get a permanent injury, you cannot get back to work and cannot earn what you were usually earning. In this type of damage, you get paid for all the financial damages.
  2. Non-Economic damage: These injuries include the type of damages that do not involve any financial loss or any damages that do not impact your assets in any way. Nevertheless, economic damages may significantly impact your case, but non-economic damages have an even more substantial effect and weightage. Non-economic injuries include the pain, suffering, emotional distress, and discomfort caused to you due to the accident.
  3. Punitive damage: Economic and Non-economic damages, on the other hand, provide you with substantial compensation, but punitive damages are the damages that do not give you any payment in terms of monetary funds. Still, the court decides to punish the offender for setting an example for the future.

The compensation you will get would depend on the damage category you fall into. You May coconut your lawyer to learn more about what your case resides over. Your attorney will then prepare an issue that will get you compensation for your losses.

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