Compelling reasons to hire a Florida personal injury lawyer

Following a freak accident, it is common for victims to wonder whether the mishap was preventable in the first place. If the accident happened because of someone’s reckless behavior or lack of care for safety, you might have a valid lawsuit against them. Filing a personal injury lawsuit is more complicated than you think. In Florida, there are different deadlines as per the statute of limitations for various lawsuits. You have a small window to take legal action, and it only makes sense to lawyer up immediately. Below you can see more info about why hiring an attorney is relevant and critical.

Detailed case analysis

Each type of personal injury case is unique. For instance, determining liability following a truck accident is often harder than a standard dog bite lawsuit. An injury lawyer can help analyze your case and determine if your claim is valid and worth pursuing. The good news is most law firms wouldn’t charge a fee for this, and therefore, you have an added reason to seek advice from an attorney.

Countering insurance company tactics

It would be completely wrong to assume that the insurance company will play a fair game with you. Claim adjusters are trained to see claims as losses, and without an attorney, you may have a hard time spotting and countering insurance company tactics. Lawyers are not only great negotiators, but they are equally skilled at determining tricks used by the other side.

Gathering accident evidence

Because you are the one saying that the other party is at fault for the accident, you are required to present evidence, and more often than not, this is the hardest part. Not all types of evidence are admissible in court, and your lawyer can help investigate and gather details that can be otherwise hard to find. For certain accident lawsuits, lawyers often consult experts to understand how the event may have happened. Medical experts can be consulted for your injuries.

No win, no fee

If you are worried that you don’t have the resources to pay an attorney, you would be glad to know that injury lawyers in Florida don’t have an upfront fee. If the attorney decides to take your case, they will share a percentage of the settlement that would take if you win. It usually varies between 30% to 40% and is called a contingency fee.

Call an attorney for the best possible advice as soon as the accident happens.

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