Common Defenses For Criminal Conduct You Should Know

The first question to arise when charged with a crime would be the differences you could use to prove your innocence. In such cases, it would be most helpful to know the common differences that could be used. Being unaware of these defenses would only lead you to be charged with the crime. 

However, you could hire an experienced law professional from Haddonfield Criminal Defense Lawyer to deal with your case. Several defenses could be used to defend your actions. The attorney could help you in terms of legal representation. Apart from outside legal help, you must know your rights and obligations before proceeding to court. 

Below are some of the most common and essential defenses you should use if charged with a crime: 

  • Innocence

This defense is one of the most common and frequent factors in a criminal conduct case. When being charged with a crime, the victim can simply prove that they did not commit the crime. In proving innocence, the victim must submit evidence and proof for the crime charged against them. The victim could use witness testimonials, CCTV footage of the incident, documents, and other elements to prove their innocence. 

  • Alibi 

Alibi is an affirmative defense that the victim could apply to their case. It is one of the most effective ways to prove that the victim did not commit the crime they are being charged with. For instance, the victim could prove that they were elsewhere when the crime was committed. The victim could use evidence that supports their statements. They could include testimony from the person they were with during the crime, surveillance footage of the victim’s presence, bills or receipts from a place, phone records, etc. 

  • Insanity 

Using insanity as a defense to prove innocence has become common. When using insanity as a defense, the victim must prove that they have a mental condition that affects their decision process about what is right and wrong. The victim must prove that they did not have mental control over them when the crime occurred. The victim must hire a Haddonfield Criminal Defense Lawyer attorney to prove insanity in such cases. 

It would be essential for the defendant to prove their mental condition with the help of a medical professional. 

  • Self-defense

Self-defense might be used in scenarios of assault, battery, or murder where the defendant had to defend themselves for protection purposes. It means that they used an act of violence to justify the actions coming from the threat. For example, the victim could defend themselves in court, stating that they were attacked by someone with a knife or gun when they were being mugged. 

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