CBD and hemp cultivation

The 2018 U.S. Agriculture Law makes hemp an important agricultural crop. It is said that watering and fertilizing enough to meet demand is difficult due to a lack of research and scientific and economic knowledge on CBD kaufen-related agricultural products, with very little information and research resources on how to fertilize correctly and water for hemp. Growers need to be patient and work with the right partners, and have realistic expectations. Fortunately, Netafim is here to help! Netafim works with the most respected hemp researchers to develop the most effective methods for growing hemp.

The Challenge of Watering Hemp As Much as the Plant Wants

Hemp is challenging to grow like a plant with high nutrient and water requirements, and labor is an essential factor of production. Prefers moisture but not saturated soil with a high volume of air. And no other watering method can provide as little water as possible with the nutrients it needs and not drive away beneficial soil aeration.

The drip system reduces unwanted weed growth. Because you will not wet the top of the soil, weed seeds can germinate or feed the weeds with a valuable fertilizer for longer. (rotating around the center) can cause leaf disease and decrease plant yield. Keeping the soil around the plant and leaves dry will improve the natural environment. Beautifying your plants is essential to your profitability.

What do you need to know when planting?

Before taking the plunge, choose a watering system that meets hemp’s water needs. You should make sure to consider several factors carefully, including your business plan, land, seeds, watering systems, operators, customers, and financing.

Whether you’re growing hemp for fiber use, hemp seeds, or CBD kaufen oil is challenging to grow, hemp is a highly nutrient- and water-requiring plant, and labor is an essential factor of production. It is essential that you research the best watering and fertilizing systems. should take time to consult agricultural academics Local representatives and other farmers to learn about plant care Mechanized harvesting and watering systems.

Comprehensive drip irrigation solution for cannabis cultivation

From the system used according to the growing season to the permanent system, Only Netafim has a fully customizable drip system. Along with special services for customers.

ROJNA has targeted billions in annual hemp revenue since ’22 after acquiring 51% of Herb’s 

Mr. Pakin Punnakasemkit, General Manager of Rojana Industrial Park Public Company Limited or  ROJNA, revealed that the company has joined Invested in Herb Treasure Co., Ltd. by acquiring 255,000 ordinary shares, representing 51% in the first phase, foreseen the importance and growth of the business. Hemp Comprehensive commercial benefits in the future With this investment, ROJNA focuses on producing cultivars, planting, and extracting from 300 smart greenhouses on an area of ​​100 rai, which can produce approximately 9 tons of CBD Isolate per year.  To meet the market growth of commercial CBD kaufen in many areas in the future, such as the medical industry. The beverage industry, food supplement industry, etc. In the first phase, the board approved an investment of 250 million baht to construct the first phase of the CBD extraction plant, and there is a plan to increase the capital in the second phase. in the near term to be completed by 2022.

In this regard, ROJNA divides the investment plan into 2 phases. In the first phase, the Board of Directors has approved an investment of 250 million baht to meet customers’ demand who have submitted documents showing their desire to purchase the company’s products. Both at home and abroad and preparing to expand production capacity and support the growing market demand in 2 years. Herb Treasure is still the only company in Thailand that has received an export license. And predicted that Joint investment in the integrated hemp industry this time. Will gradually recognize income from the hemp business from 2022, aiming for 1,000 million baht per year.

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