Berloque Dermatitis and Convex Scars

Sometimes when we pound low papaya salad, squeeze lemon juice, or drink cocktails. and then exposed to sunlight until a black rash appears on the back of the hand medically referred to as “Phytophotodermatitis” or Berloque Dermatitis, which is caused by exposure to plants containing furokumarin. (Furocoumarins) before the irritation from sunlight (Phototoxic reaction) black rash like this can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re just someone with sensitive skin ผิวแพ้ง่าย . without passing through the immune mechanism of the body (Non-immunologic) and may have inflammation, redness, blisters before the rash. The shape of the rash will be quite strange. Shaped according to the nature of the splash The flow of the substance hits the skin.

Risk group

Many people develop black rashes from this condition during vacations at sea. Eat papaya salad by the sea, squeeze a lemon, drink a cocktail and forget to wash your hands. Later it was exposed to sunlight. Therefore, a black rash is often found on the hands from this condition.

This condition is common. After touching with cherry lemon, coriander, lettuce, kaffir lime oil, grapefruit and not washing hands. Before going out into the sun, some people put their hands on their cheeks. Later, he ran to play in the sun, and his cheeks turned black. Therefore, it is misleading to think that it is a bruise. If so, it should be cleaned with a cleansing gel เจลล้างหน้า . before going to the sun Some people find this condition after hair treatment with bergamot. and can’t wash it all out, such as washing the head but forgetting to wash the neck and go for a walk in the sun therefore found a black rash on the neck

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If a black rash occurs anywhere on the body recommend to see a doctor for further diagnosis and appropriate treatment Because black rashes can occur for many reasons.


  • Wash the area that touches vegetables and fruits before going to the sun.


  • Leave your hair with lemongrass. Then go for a walk in the sun After that, come back and clean it.


Is the black rash that occurs on the skin, is it skin cancer? So how can it be treated?


Black rashes on the skin can be caused by many reasons, such as some types of skin cancer, inflammation. some fungal infections If a black rash occurs, you should see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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convex scar

Keloid scars are raised, tight scars that are larger than the original wound. and the scar may be larger Without proper treatment, it may appear red, black, or the same color as the skin. There may also be pain, itching, and tightness, often found in the ears, shoulders, chest, nose, chin.

A raised scar must be treated if it hurts, itches, or has a large lump. If there are no such symptoms or characteristics It can be treated for beauty. or enhance confidence in socializing

Factors contributing to scar formation

  1. Improper care and cleanliness of the wound: dirty, wet wounds, infected wounds.
  2. Skin tension: the chance of developing a raised scar is higher. if it occurs in some position This usually has quite a lot of skin tension, such as the auricle or earlobe. (ear piercing or blow) Chest (thoracic incision) Shoulder (vaccination)


  1. Injectable drugs are drugs that contain steroid substances, mostly used. Triamcinolone Acetonide at a concentration of 10-40 mg/mL. Injected into the location of the wound in the dermis layer. When injected into the scar, the raised scar will gradually collapse and help reduce the size and tension of the wound, reduce pain and itching, but if the scar is large or very convex, we can treat with repeated injections every 1 month, which will be assessed by the doctor. treatment effect as well as choosing the size and concentration of each injected drug In order not to cause side effects from injections such as the skin layer collapses, capillaries occur. Absorption of steroid substances into the bloodstream
  2. The ointment, known as Scar gel, should be applied in the early stages after the new wound is closed to prevent scar formation. because if the scar is raised will see less treatment results
  3. Cut off the convex scar and sew again. Suitable for large convex scars because if done with a small convex scar It may also cause new raised scars after the old wound has healed as well. The large raised lesions are usually found on the auricle or earlobe. Occurring after piercing or blowing the ear Therefore, the symptoms should be followed up with the doctor who owns the fever. and may consider giving injections to prevent the formation of new raised scars
  4. Laser should choose a laser with a suitable wavelength. Can treat redness or veins to help fade scars It is more in harmony with the skin color in the adjacent position. In addition, the laser light also helps to heal the size of the lesion. from causing the blood vessels that nourished that position to capsize
  5. Silicone sheet usually looks like a translucent sheet. It is applied to the wound site after the wound has completely healed, usually on the wound after surgery. Helps to moisturize the wound as well as giving pressure to a part of the wound It is believed to partially prevent the formation of raised lesions.

However, scars are scars. We can’t cure acne scars 100 percent, but with proper treatment. will make the scar embossed look smoother and hard to notice


  • Keep the wound clean. to prevent wound infection This will increase the chance of scarring.
  • Treat inflammation or skin infection in the early stages. with proper treatment


  • Picking, sheep, scratching the wound or acne. because it will stimulate the inflammation to increase and there may be a complication of bacterial infection resulting in scars


embossed scar tattoo Is it dangerous?


embossed scar tattoo This may result in increased inflammation, pain, itching, and possibly enlargement of the scar.

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