Benefits of playing music that can affect your work life

Playing music enhances creativity.

Long periods of music practice are a great way to enhance your creativity. Since the beginning of writing, music notes compose lyrics or even if the song is written with clear chords and notes. It doesn’t mean that every time you play a song, you have to convey it precisely the same way because the composer may not be able to identify all the details of the song on five lines of paper. The composer set out to combine with creativity to interpret the song’s mood and design the style of playing according to their style. Some people like to improvise a unique and unique song. That creates outstanding creativity in today’s work world, where everyone is looking for unique, out-of-the-box ideas.

Music players can listen and process well. memorize a lot of words

Brain scans of music players via MRI showed that the part of the brain, the Planum Temporale, one of the key areas in managing language and music, was more significant than in non-music players. It involves understanding spoken or read vocabulary and sound processing, which is very useful in a world of work that requires listening to complex and comprehensible sentences for further analysis. You can collect mp3 music by mp3 download system.

A study by China University of Hong Kong psychologists also revealed that people who practice music regardless of the genre of music have better memorization skills than those who don’t. Especially if someone has been practicing music for a long time, the more words they can remember.

Music instills patience, discipline, and time management skills.

Music cannot be practiced overnight; it is a science that requires repeated practice to get both the mind and body used to the sounds and instruments. Have patience, determination, and hard work to achieve good results.

In addition, players must be disciplined to practice continuously to expand their limits. They also need to know how to use their time management skills to help them find time to practice. Because sometimes life with work and commuting to the office is busy enough. When you have the discipline to help push yourselves to practice regularly, you have to take your daily schedule to sit and spread out and see how much time you have to practice music in each order. Week Once you are molded into these qualities, you have the same time-management, discipline, and dedication skills you have in music practice that can be applied well to work.

Playing music gives you good concentration, focus, and self-control.

During music practice, players need to stay focused on what is happening all the time. Knowing what notes and chords are in this segment practicing focusing on one thing for a long time can help you become more focused. When you work, you have to face work that requires high concentration. You will focus on the work well enough to look neater. You can easily download music from

If you practice music as a band, The more you have to open your ears and listen to the sound of your instruments and all of your bandmates’ instruments and know-how to support yourselves to keep playing smoothly, not straddling the beat And being in harmony with the sounds of other instruments is a good use of observation and mindfulness skills to help the music come out beautiful.

Playing music fosters confidence.

As you practiced a lot of music, people around you realized that you could play music. You may have the opportunity to show your talents to many people on various occasions, such as family reunions. Boyfriend’s birthday party or is it a music contest that you compete The more often you perform in front of many people, the more confidence you have accumulated. From a person who used to be fearless and trembling when it was the focus of everyone in the room, it became a person who was a genius on the stage. As a result, you can control your consciousness even in many people’s eyes. The same confidence will help you present actual events in the conference room. It makes you look more trustworthy and professional.

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