Beneficial Considerations When Getting a Posho Mill Machine and Their Price

A posho mill machine is a type of machine that grinds maize or serials to flour mechanically. The posho mill enables one to decide the texture of the flour it produces as the product. Depending on the machine’s power source, running it makes it very fast in milling maize and other serials such as wheat.

This article’s main point of focus includes the considerations one would use to get the best posho mill machine in Kenya.

Before introducing the mechanical milling machine, people used to grind serials using stone. The procedure they followed was challenging. Grinding became even more effortless with innovation and the coming of the grinding mills or the posho mill. There are a lot of considerations to apply while one is searching for the best milling machine but discussed below are the main points to consider.

Size of the Machine

The size of the posho mill is an excellent determinant to start with while looking for the best milling machine for fit. The posho mill manufacturers produce the same machines, from very small to extraordinarily massive. If one wants a business posho mill, they would probably go for a giant machine since it gives a lot in a short while. If it is for a small scale milling, then a smaller machine would be perfect.

The Heat Given Out

While looking for a clue to choose from when buying a posho mill, think about the heat the machine gives out. For the machines that give out a lot of heat, the machine requires a relative lot of energy. So, if one does not have a lot of energy sources or is willing to do small personal milling, going for a machine that produces a lower amount of energy would be better.

Grade of Flour Needed

Grading of flour is very applicable when it comes to milling. The texture of the flour puts it in different grades. While one requires grade one, the other would be better off with grade three. Thus, while one is purchasing a miller, it is beneficial to decide on the kind of grade they require. Also, the grades the machine can offer make such a price of posho mill in Kenya vary.


In terms of convenience, the posho mill machine is dependent on the type of grain to be milled. Most milling machines in Kenya are convenient in milling very dry. The machines avoid the watery and oily grains such as the nuts and others of that type. So, while one is looking for a milling machine, considering the type of grain to mill is an advisable clue to use.

Required Power-Source

Most posho mills use electricity in Kenya, even though other machines require water or diesel. One of the power sources must be in place to use such a milling machine. Since it is not everywhere in Kenya that electricity is available, the other two sources are, at least one of the two will still make it.


A diesel or electric posho mill will make flour in seconds, thus revolutionizing the milling industry. Therefore, considering such factors as above would be very beneficial in finding a perfect match for the milling machine one would be looking for in the market.

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