All you need to know about Red Coral

Red Coral has the most unusual texture of all the gemstones, and its formation is extremely amazing. This gemstone is totally biological and valuable, having been formed in the water by marine animals known as coral polyps (Corallium rubrum). The gemstone possesses a deep red hue with an impenetrable texture in its most perfect form. When it comes to the ruling planet, Red Coral represents Mars and aids in the improvement of weaker marks while also providing exceptional fortitude to tackle life’s challenges. Moonga is the Hindi word for it, and it is commonly used in a wide range of jewelry and decorations. Because of its beauty and various metaphysical characteristics, this gemstone has been worn since ancient times.

Red Coral wearers from Gems Selections are endowed with a lot of wealth, which improves their relationship with their family. The birthstone for the Aries zodiac sign is red coral, which helps to cleanse the aura surrounding you by removing all unwanted negative energy. With the courage of this gemstone, you will be able to make things go more smoothly and efficiently in both your professional and personal lives. The origin of the most authentic Red Coral, as well as its clarity and colour, indicate its excellence.

Information about Red Coral (Moonga)

The gemstone of Mars is red coral, often known as praval or moonga (Mangal). Stone is particularly effective in healing mangal dosh, according to jyotish literature or Indian Vedic astrology, and ensures success in managerial jobs, sports, business, and health. The stone is worn to strengthen a person’s horoscope’s poorly positioned Mars (Mangal). The original red coral mainly originates from Italy and Japan. It’s a deep red biological stone formed by marine animals known as coral polyps in the deep sea. According to Hindustan Times, Gems Selections is considered as the best option to shop for quality gems.

When worn with suitable ways and ceremonies, an original crimson moonga grants victory over opponents and adversaries. Because Mars is the god of battle, he provides the native bravery to conquer all difficulties and assures triumph. For enhanced confidence, warding against evils such as black magic, enhancing mental health, and curing disorders relating to blood, circulation, and diabetes, red coral should be worn on the ring finger. The sun signs of Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces are all blessed by red coral. Mesh (Aries) and Vrischik (Scorpio) rashis are also advised to use it. If you’re looking for genuine red moonga for mental health or other life goals, Brahma Gems is the place to go. They attempt to give high-quality, non-fraudulent products.

What are the benefits of red coral?

The red coral gemstone is utilized to increase Mars’ vigor in the horoscope. Other advantages of this gemstone include:

  • Red coral can assist the user in defeating his foes and adversaries. Because Mars is the god of battle, this gemstone gives an individual the strength and excitement needed to overcome any hurdles. This gemstone promises an individual’s triumph.
  • Another advantage of the Red Coral gemstone is its effect on a person’s mental health. This gemstone can be worn by someone who is suffering from mental depression.
  • The red coral gemstone bestows bravery and aids in the individual’s ability to overcome anxiety and anxiousness.
  • This gemstone has great healing properties, making it the finest gemstone for boosting one’s self-esteem. It aids in the treatment of a variety of skin issues, including boils, acne, and more. Aside from that, the red coral gemstone may be used to purify the blood and protect the wearer from cuts, wounds, and injuries.
  • This gemstone can be worn by anyone suffering from anger difficulties or a lack of compassion for a proper improvement in their condition.
  • People with Manglik Dosha can benefit from red coral gemstones. Red corals can also be worn by couples who are having marital problems.
  • Wearing the Red Coral gemstone can provide significant protection from evil eye, buri Nazar, and black magic for those in professions such as the army, defense, police, physicians, weapon makers, scientists, and real estate companies.

On which finger should a red coral stone be worn?

The red coral stone should be worn on the ring finger since the ring finger represents the sun’s energy, and because the Sun is an astrological buddy of the planet Mars, it is the perfect finger for the Mars-enhanced jewel.

What is the finest metal for red coral?

Copper or gold rings should be used to set red corals.

When is it OK to wear red coral?

It should be worn before daybreak on Tuesday morning during Shukla paksha.

What kind of people should wear moonga gemstones?

The red corals are suitable for people with Mars in the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, or 10th house in their horoscope. It can also be worn by anyone born under the signs of Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, or Pisces.

Which moonga shape is the best?

The ideal form of red coral to utilize is the triangular shape. The Lakshmi Moonga, also known as Tikona Moonga, is the name given to it.

How can you know whether it’s a genuine moonga?

Rub a piece of raw turmeric on the surface of your red coral to determine whether it is real or phony. If you notice red stains on the turmeric or if the color of the coral changes as a result of the turmeric, it’s time to call it a day.


The red coral is regarded as a talisman, representing the vitalizing essence of life. It has been worn for strength, good omen, and good health since the dawn of civilisation. It’s a rare find that has the power to change your life. So, if you’re thinking of buying red coral gemstone after contacting an astrologer, you’re on the right track. However, make sure you buy it from a reputable retailer like Khanna Gems.

Mangalya Balam, the power of marriage and the spouse’s longevity, is symbolized by the red coral gemstone. This gemstone assures the spouses’ long lives. Wearing a gemstone may have a significant beneficial impact on one’s life. However, before wearing any gemstone, keep in mind that while the proper gemstone might have beneficial consequences, the wrong gemstone can have the opposite impact. So, before you put on a gemstone, get your horoscope read by a professional.

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