Whether you’ve been injured and cannot work, as a result, you may be wondering if you qualify for unemployment or disability benefits in Arizona. As a lifeline for many individuals, this is an essential financial support. 

Despite the inability to return to work in the future, they will still be able to get the money they need to pay for medical care and other essentials. It’s not always straightforward to apply for unemployment benefits. As a result, you’ll need to be very cautious in your approach. The first thing you should determine is whether you qualify for unemployment benefits in Arizona at all.

After consulting with a knowledgeable, experienced Pekas Smith: Arizona Disability Attorneys, this issue becomes more straightforward. A lawyer can help you get the best potential conclusion in the quickest time possible. 

You may find out whether you’re eligible for unemployment benefits by consulting with them. Having the answer to that question will allow your lawyer to assist you in moving on to the next step of the application process.

What Is The Term “Unemployment” Applied To?”

“unemployment” or “Unemployment Insurance,” often refers to this benefit. This is also referred to as the “UI” acronym. Financial aid is one of the many perks available to those authorised for UI. 

Unemployment Insurance Benefit Amount, or WBA, is what you’ll get in financial help. To arrive at this figure, we used your past Arizona salary history. The current WBA cap in Arizona is $240, as stated on the state’s official website.

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What Is Meant By The Term “Disability”?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSI) and SSI (Social Security Disability Insurance) are often referred to as “disability” (Supplemental Security Income). Compared to unemployment insurance benefits, this kind of financial help is usually more generous. Once you’ve been accepted for one, it might have an impact on your chances of getting accepted for another.

How Much Ui Can You Get?

The criteria for a user interface (UI) are relatively simple. To be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits, you must be out of work. You also need to have worked in Arizona for the last year to qualify. 

It’s also a requirement that you’ve already earned some money. It may also be required to demonstrate that you are actively looking for work while receiving assistance in specific situations. Unemployment “through no fault of your own” is the most critical criterion. It is possible to apply for UI over the Internet alone.

What Happens If We Get Disability Insurance?

You may be better off applying for SSDI or SSI instead of UI since UI requires you to look for a new job actively. Your UI benefits may be seen as evidence of your willingness to work by the courts. Disabled people are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), unlike those not. 

These programs can only accept applicants who cannot engage in “substantial gainful activity,” or SGA, as defined by the state of Arizona. This implies that you can’t expect to make much more than $1,300 a month on average.

The main distinction between SSDI and SSI is that SSI is only available to those who qualify. Although both programs have the exact medical qualifying requirements, SSDI is only accessible if you have worked a specific number of years. However, for financially strapped individuals, there is the Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Several medical disorders might preclude you from working; thus, medical eligibility is quite broad. These include mental, immunological, skin, digestive, musculoskeletal, and circulatory diseases.

Appealing Decisions

An appeal is possible even if you have already been refused. This is when the services of an experienced lawyer come in. Even though most attractions are rejected, you may still seek a hearing. You’ll need the assistance of a lawyer to go through this hearing with flying colours. Click here for more information.


Contact Pekas Smith, Disability Attorneys, if you’ve been looking for a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer in Arizona who can assist you with the application procedure for unemployment benefits. 

Due to extensive knowledge in disability law, we can assist you in overcoming any challenges that may arise. The first step is to determine whether you’re eligible for unemployment benefits, but there are several more hurdles to clear before you’re granted. With professional assistance, you will tackle each of these issues with ease and confidence. Contact them right away to set up a meeting.

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