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Advantages of JavaScript Animation

Timing control is necessary for designing animation into UIs that respond to a user’s drag input, like those found in mobile apps.) Forgo physics-based motion design, which allows elements on a webpage to behave like objects in the real world.

Lose support for older browser versions, which remain popular throughout the world. JavaScript-based animation is actually often as fast as CSS-based animation. CSS animation is mistakenly considered to have a significant leg up because it’s most often compared to query’s animation features, which are in fact very slow.

However, alternative JavaScript Course in Manila animation libraries that bypass query entirely deliver fantastic performance by streamlining their interaction with a page.

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One library of note, which we’ll be using throughout this book, is Velocity.js. It’s lightweight yet incredibly feature rich, and it mirrors query’s animation syntax to help eliminate the learning curve.

CSS is perfectly suited for hover state animations (turning a link blue when the mouse is positioned over it, for example), which are very often the extent to which basic webpages include animation.

CSS changes fit seamlessly into existing style sheets, allowing developers to avoid bloating their pages with unnecessary JavaScript libraries.


What’s more, CSS animation delivers blazing performance out of the box. But this book will demonstrate why JavaScript is often the superior choice for animations beyond simple hover state animations.

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