5 Tips to Ensure Safety of Bicyclists

Bicycling is an inexpensive and sustainable means of transportation. It has also been increasing in popularity as more people are turning to bikes as a form of leisure. However, cyclists do not have much protection from car drivers and other roadway users, which has led to injuries and deaths for cyclists in the United States. If you ever have been involved in such a bicycle accident and are injured, then it is essential to hire a glastonbury personal injury lawyer.

To mitigate these risks, it is important that motorists take precautions when driving around bicyclists. This blog will present 5 tips to ensure the safety of bicyclists on the road with recommendations for both drivers and cyclists on how to be safe while cycling on roads with cars.

  • Choose an appropriate bicycle

Bikes come in different sizes. It is important to know what kind of bicycle you need before buying. Make sure that the wheel size is appropriate for your height, riding style, and skill level. Also, know what kind of bike you are looking for. There are three main types of bicycles, road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bicycles.

  • Wear a helmet

Bicycle helmets are designed to protect the most important part of cyclists, the head. Helmets should be worn by both cyclists and motorists to prevent serious injury or even death. No matter how skilled one is as a cyclist or driver, no one can escape accidents or make a mistake. Therefore, precaution is always better than cure in such situations.

  • Wear reflective clothing

Reflective clothing can help cyclists stay visible on the road so that motorists and other road users can see them easily when driving at night or in bad weather conditions. These clothes, if kept clean and in good condition, can greatly increase the visibility of a cyclist.

  • Ride in areas where bicycles are allowed

Motorists need to know that cyclists have the right to use public roads. However, cyclists should always take extra caution when sharing the road with other vehicles or pedestrians because they have less protection than motorists or car users on the road. Cyclists should ride on dedicated bicycle lanes or at least avoid areas where they can be easily hit by a car.

  • Avoid rush hour traffic, if possible

Avoiding traffic at peak hours is not always possible. However, avoiding rush hour traffic can help bicyclists find a safer route for their ride. If there is no other option but to ride during peak hours, then it is advisable to use a secondary road that may be less busy than the primary highway or road that you are planning to take.

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