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4 Easily Implementable SEO Tips for Beginners

SEO is one of the branches of digital marketing. SEO stands for search engine optimization and tends to ensure high rankings for websites on search engines. It might be a lot to consume when you make your first steps in SEO. However, dedication and love towards the field would guarantee your success in SEO as a beginner. 

Reading about SEO is good, but when you first start learning SEO, you should implement whatever you just read or learned. So, here are 5 easily implementable SEO tips for beginners, to smoothly get integrated into the hustle of SEO. 

Page audit

Conduct your page’s audit. Learn how is your page constructed, what is done well, what is missing, and what can be done to improve your page’s metrics. Check page speed as it is quite important for SEO purposes. If you did not cover that topic yet, check the page speed guide for your reference. 

Page audit is the bottom line, and even if not completed in a thorough way, still checking how your page is doing should be both interesting and easy to implement. 

Fixing image sizes and URLs

Fixing image sizes and URLs is what you can do next. When you have done your page audit, you will have plenty of data to work with. Huge image size can be an obstacle to your website’s speed and loading time. Fix the image sizes and assist your website’s fast loading time. 

The same action would go for fixing URLs. Try to fix the URLs if they are messy, not working, or leading to errors. Now, this one might be a little challenging, but it is not a big deal to ask your co-workers or join a short SEO training. Everyone once was a beginner. 

Competitor research 

You do not need to immediately get into the difficult parts of SEO. Starting with competitor research would ensure you slowly make yourself used to the main terms and metrics used in SEO. You may share your article on forexinghub and thehomeinfo. So that, your website rank on Google as well and get more information from worldtravelplace and tunai4d

You can both do some research manually, but also check some SEO tools, that carry an enormous amount of information about your competitors. By doing competitor research you will find out what they are using that makes them ahead of you and you can draw a plan for your website to advance your competitors. 

Keyword Research 

Another easily implementable tip for SEO beginners is to do keyword research. Check the keywords your competitors rank for. Decide on the topics that you would like your website to be searched for. 

Choose key phrases and use SEO tools to give insight on your chosen keywords and/ or suggest other keywords. Do not forget about keyword intent that will help your website stand out from the rest if a search engine finds your website is the best suit to answer the search inquiry. 

Wrapping up 

Doing SEO is not only important for your business to grow, but also is interesting. It might seem challenging at the beginning, but as time flies, you will do better and better. 

The more Domain Authority a blog has, the greater the impact of the backlinks on your site. Make use of free SEO tools such as the MozBar to determine how authoritative the is. Guest posts can also generate more traffic to your website, so aim for these sites.

How do I submit a guest post to a website? First of all, you should check the guidelines of the website like where you’re submitting the guest post. There are usually guidelines that explain exactly what is expected from guest posts and what is not.

You’ll want to give the reader a reason to return to the site and read more of what’s on the site. To make your guest post as successful as possible, take some time to brainstorm and plan it.

To find website, start by reading the content on the site. Read the posts on the blog and see what topics are popular. If your topic is not on their blog, it’s best to look for a site that does.

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You can start with doing a page audit and based on that fix the minor and major errors your site might have, such as URLs, and image size. You can conduct competitor research and keyword research to design a good SEO strategy for the site you are working on. 

Do not get frustrated if things seem difficult. With these easily implementable tips, your integration into SEO specialization will be smooth. 

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